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Saturday, June 18, 2011

Lamborghini Miura SV (1966-1973)

Even before the presentation of the model at the Turin Motor Show in 1965, began taking orders for the new sports car. At the stand of the young company has only a Lamborghini chassis - steel frame with pre-drilled holes in order of decreased weight of the structure. Before the rear axle laterally placed 12-cylinder V-engine. Beneath it was a gearbox placed in the sump. For lubrication of both these components serve the same oil.

For companies Ferruccio Lamborghini was only the second car after the 350 GT model. Presented in Turin received the designation P400 chassis from "posteriore 4 liter" (posteriore meant as much as a rear-engine location, and a 4 liter engine capacity).

The body of the new car was designed by Marcello Gandini of Bertone's. Silhouette was similar to the Ford GT40, but characterized delikatniejszymi lines. The finished car was first presented at the Geneva Motor Show in spring 1966. In addition to the earlier mark (P400), named Miura car from the famous Spanish family of breeding bulls for fighting in the arena. No wonder - lamborghini logo is a bull.

Two months after the presentation of Ferruccio Lamborghini went to the Monaco Grand Prix Formula 1. He went there, the new Miura. Car parked on the Place du Casino de Paris in front of the hotel. When zgormadził a large crowd of observers, started the engine. It made a big impression on them.

Miury serial production started in 1967. The first models driven by 3.9-liter V12 engine with a capacity of 350 hp. Top speed 275 km / h. The design of the vehicle based on a spatial frame of steel tubes, rear and front body is made of aluminum, and the roof and doors made of steel. There was not a mask, and the tailgate. The entire front and rear fenders with raised together. This made the car even more attractive.

However, the attractive sports car had its disadvantages. The interior strongly heat up the engine running. Miury were very vulnerable to fire in case of accident. The fuel tank is mounted in front of the car. There also was a place for small luggage, the rear was located only a small storage compartment.

Later appeared enhanced version of P400S reaching 370 HP, then shown at the Salon in Turin in 1971 even stronger P400 SV, which had a maximum power output of 385 bhp and reached a speed of 290 km / h.

In 1970 he built a special Miura iota, which was to be the basis for the subsequent construction of the Lamborghini models. Was sold after intensive tests conducted by the test driver Bob Wallace. Unfortunately, the only vehicle in April 1971, had an accident and completely burned down on the highway near Brescia. Customers who have heard of Jocie, they began to order such a car for himself. It was established five (not exactly mimic the prototype) vehicles, which bore the designation of the Miura SV/J

Previously, Bertone created a copy of the open version - Miura Spyder roadster. This car was presented to several automobile showrooms. Finally, was purchased by International Lead Zinc Research Organization, which used the vehicle for the presentation of the application of zinc in the construction of cars.

Last Miura left the factory in Santa Agata in 1973. A total of 763 vehicles. It's very much like a car whose price in the 60s and 70 reached $ 20,000.