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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Ferrari Mondial (1980-1993)

In 1980 at the Geneva Motor Show Ferrari presented its new model Mondial. This vehicle is in the range of the Italian car manufacturer replaced the 208/308 series of GT4. Interestingly the new car was that the organization had four seats for passengers. There would be nothing strange, if not the fact that the engine was located centrally. Although the bodywork of the Mondial was designed in the studio Pininfarina, clearly reminiscent of previous vehicles, which have arisen in Bertone. Like most other contemporary Ferraris was quite angular. The new car had not met with particularly well received. It was very often criticized and considered to be a worse business model with a black, jumping horse in the coat of arms.

Mondial 8, so named because the first version of this model was driven by the coming of the 308 GT4, 8-cylinder, a unit with a capacity of 2929 cc. The engine was equipped with mechanical and electronic injection, Bosch K-Jetronic and reached a maximum power of 214 hp. They put it across, right behind the rear seats. The chassis of the new car also was based on its predecessor - 308 GT4, increased only by 100 mm wheelbase.

Was the first Ferrari Mondial, which was abandoned in determining the type of pre-existing, three-digit mark. The new name referred to the legendary, high performance sports car from the 50s

Three years after the coupé on the market showed a Mondial convertible. Although the style was very similar to the version with a fixed roof, more like a new model introduced by the company from Maranello - Testarossa.

Previously, however, the Mondial was a more powerful engine. The existing drive unit with two valves per cylinder have replaced another, four-valve. In the model designation was to determine Quattrovalvole (four valves). This engine was also used in the Ferrari 308 GTB and developing maximum output of 240 hp.

Like the new 328 GTB, also in Mondialu, in 1985, increased capacity of the drive unit. Now, it amounted to 3.2 l and reached a maximum power of 270 hp. With the reduced weight of car already showed conflicts temperament. Greatly enhanced performance. Also improved slightly outward appearance. Mondial 3.2 received new wheels and painted bumpers. These of course look best in color Rosso Corsa, a red race - the traditional high-performance machines for Ferrari.

Recent changes made in 1989. Mondial has become the representative of the new generation of Ferrari cars. The V8 engine has received a new location. Nadal was mounted centrally, but this time lengthwise. Only the gearbox remained transverse in position. This configuration was commonly used by Scuderia Ferrari in the Formula 1 vehicles in the 80s and has become the standard for mass-produced road cars with V8 engines.

Mondial t was a bit stronger unit with a capacity of 3405 cc and 300 hp. Another novelty introduced in the 1991 season was the automatic transmission of Valeo, to be mounted only in the Cabriolet.

Mondial production ended in 1993. Although this model has been criticized very often, it has sold in two versions (coupe and convertible) in the number of over 6,800 copies. This is one of the most popular Ferrari cars.