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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

BMW 2002 ti (1968-1975)

The new 2002 BMW brand and had saved for her to conquer the world. The task is not only implemented, but also set standards for the next 20 years.

In the early 60s BMW started work on a new, very large vehicle. Focused on the 2 - door sedan with a short wheelbase. Hoped that this model will restore the German company, the sporty image that accompanied it in recent years before the Second World War. And that appeared on the market a car with a geometrical form, with large, glass batch, and the characteristic mask with two points headlight horizontal lines connected to the central "kidneys" are known from the BMW cars for many years. The vehicle was so small and maneuverable that was considered to be suitable for riding, and big enough to serve as a family car. He was a dynamic engine, its suspension and effective brakes. Self-supporting steel construction easily fits 4 people and helping them take a lot of baggage. Large glass surfaces provide excellent visibility in all directions.

The first car, a new series of 2 was released in March 1966 the BMW 1600-2. The latter figure distinguishes it from the larger sedan in 1600, which took over the engine. A year later, during the Frankfurt Motor Show presents 1600ti with 105-horse power unit with Solex carburettors.

Soon after, to his private vehicle engine installed capacity of 2 liters of sport BMW boss Alex von Falkenhausen. It did the same shortly after Planning Director Helmut Werner Bonsch. Hence, it was already a step to begin producing 02 of series 2-liter engines. In 1968 there were 2002 models with 100-horsepower engine and 2002ti with 120-horse unit with two Solex carburettors 40PHH. They were given enlarged brakes and suspension stabilizers. For an additional charge you can order a 5-speed gearbox. Soon after appeared on the market model 2002 Automatic, unfortunately, a very unreliable transmission. In 1971 we started producing the most desirable version 2002tii. In the car, instead of carburetors used a mechanical multi-point fuel injection Kugelfischer. In this way we managed to pull liter unit maximum power of 130 hp.

In 1971, the BMW hit showrooms Touring model with a compact body and that opens up a large tailgate. It was available in several versions of the motor. However, this offer was too early. Customers still had no need of such cars.

2002 BMW won enormous popularity in the United States. Model 1600-2 sell pretty well there until the time when, in 1968 introduced new, tougher standards on emissions. These conditions to successfully meet future versions, namely 2002 and 2002ti, which became a hit in the U.S. and the U.S. magazine "Car and Drive" advertised it as the best export product since the days of Germany's Marlene Dietrich.

In 1974 he appeared in a short series of the most powerful model 2002 Turbo. The first vehicle BMW turbo was previously in response to the needs of sport section. In 1968, Dieter Quester won the European championship in touring car racing at the wheel of the model 2002. A year later, it was the best, but this time the BMW 2002 Turbo. Unfortunately, the turbo ended their lives during the first oil crisis.

Production models in 2002 ended in 1975. Its successor became a vehicle marked with E21, which is the 3-Series.