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Saturday, June 18, 2011

Alfa Romeo Spider (1969-1983)

In the early 60s Alfa Romeo has completed production of the popular model - Giulietta Spider. Then the Italian company began looking for his successor. On the basis of Giulietta, a new sports car.

After the first car, still unnamed, is shown at the car showroom in Geneva in March 1966. After the contest announced by the company received the name Duetto. Car is equipped with an engine capacity of 1570 cc and 110 hp. He had a 5-speed gearbox, disc brakes and independent front wheel suspension. Its original price in Italy was 2 195 000 lire. It was also the last vehicle, who personally designed the famous Italian stylist Battista Pinin Farina.

Two months after the Geneva launch of Duetto loaded on board a transatlantic liner Raffaello, to present it in the U.S.. There, a new vehicle quickly gained immense popularity. This happened thanks to the movie "The Graduate." Italian Duetto drove the main character, played by Dustin Hoffman. At the North American market were also used other names for this car, the Graduate, the title of the film. Overall, the end of 1967, produced 6,325 of these cars.

This season also appeared successor to Duetto - Spider 1750 Veloce. It was almost identical, only increased the engine capacity to 1779 cc. This power unit delivered 114 hp, which guaranteed to get maximum speed near 190 km / h. Silhouette cars still remained characteristically rounded front and rear. In Italy it was called "osso di seppia". It took the term from the oval shape of the inner shells of cuttlefish. Modifications related to the suspension, brakes and electrics of the car. More noticeable was the mirror of the front left moved the door.

The new vehicle, like its predecessor, well sell in the U.S.. However, due to more stringent U.S. standards for air pollutants at the local car market with the costs Spica mechanical fuel injection. European had two carburetors Weber suffice.

In 1969, for young customers who seek low-cost, open car, the Alfa Romeo produced Spider 1300 Junior . He had the engine capacity of 1290 cc and 88 HP. Car accelerated to 168 km / h.

The year 1969 brought the first major changes in the appearance of Spider. At the Turin Motor Show car is presented in which the rear part of the body was rounded, and sharply truncated. This model is called "coda tronca", or cut off the tail. This modification reduced the vehicle to 4.12 m (4.25 m previously). This change was to improve the aerodynamic efficiency according to research carried out by a German scholar, Professor. Kamma.

New Spiders 1300 Junior and 1750 Veloce was also more inclined windscreen and small side located right behind her. Also modified bumpers, grill, door handles and a few other small items.

Another model was the 2000 Veloce Spider launched in 1971. This vehicle is equipped with a drive unit with a capacity of 1962 cc, which, depending on the preparation obtain power from 128 to 131 hp. A year later came the 1600 Junior 1570 cc engine (110 hp).

The second generation of Spider remained unchanged until 1983. Then it made the car facelift. On the front, integrated with a grill and indicator lights, bumpers appeared black rubber. It also found the back of a small spoiler. Inside the vehicle are mounted in black matte, three-spoke steering wheel.

Model Quadrifoglio Verde (four-leaf clover) appeared in 1986. Mechanically it was similar to earlier vehicles. Minor changes related to the appearance - front and rear spoiler and rear-view mirrors. In addition to this model, you could order a rigid removable hardtop.

Classic Spider was produced until 1994. The following appeared in another car under this name. However, he reminded the new GTV with a roof cut off. Alfa Romeo Spider, originally known as the Duetto, was one of the longest-produced cars in automotive history. It was produced with almost the same body from 1966 until the mid-90s