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Sunday, May 15, 2011

Vokswagen Scirocco (1974-1981)

For the first time the Scirocco model, whose body has developed Giorgetto Giugiaro was made public in the spring of 1974 at the Geneva motor show. Shortly thereafter, the plants in Wolfsburg came out the first copies that found their way to showrooms. In 1975, he began to export the Scirocco to the U.S..

At the beginning of the Scirocco was produced with three engines in four trim levels. L The base model had the engine with a capacity of 1.1 liter 50hp. S and LS models had a 1.5 liter engine under 70km, and the TS 1.5 liter engine with a power 85KM. On request, one could also order the LS model with an engine power of 85KM and the TS with an engine power of 70km.

If it comes to equipment models L, S, as well as L and LS were identical. Differed only engines. L and LS models could be identified by chrome bumpers with rubber strips and the decorative strips below the door.

Equipment inside was rich in those days and covered the side purely cosmetic elements such as additional decorative moldings and bruises too, electric heated rear window, front seats, reclining, Cigarette lighter, ashtray lamp as well in the trunk.

The Scirocco S there were no floor mats. On the floor was just a rubber mat.
The TS, in comparison with the L model was equipped with a double halogen headlights, side moldings with rubber profile, two-tone horns, integrated front headrests, sport steering wheels with the skin and the middle console with clock and voltmeter. In the cockpit, next to the clock also mounted tachometer.
Other equipment such as flip closed Baku, the windshield of laminated glass and a rear light anti-hazing could be obtained for an additional charge.

Since the beginning of all models of the Scirocco had front disc brakes, as opposed to the Golf, which version of the 50hp engine still had drum brakes.
In June 1976, came on the market model Scirocco GTI engine 1588ccm on the injection power of 110HP. Scirocco GTI conquered the market and from the very beginning of August were selling well. However, other models of the Scirocco were again modified. Option equipment 75KM TS engine was renamed the GT version of the GL has received better materials, and suede rugs. While the GLI model possessed all the characteristics of a luxury sports such as tinted windows, standard metallic, seat cushions and rugs of high quality suede well as adjustable height front seats. Introduced three-stage blower and improved heating systems - ventilation.

In the model of 1978 modified bodywork and chassis to give customers additional incentives for shopping. Optimized Transmission and engine bearings and mounted on the rear and the front is not that is causing trouble for the exchange of plastic bumpers, which were at up to notches col

Soon we turned the engine carbureted 1.6 75KM to 1.6 per injection engine 110HP. Versions of the GTI and GLI have undergone major modifications to the braking system. Despite high prices began to offer air-conditioning. In 1979, 1.3 engine was introduced with a capacity of 60 HP. The GTI and GLI models started being mount 5 speed gearbox. In the last year of production, have introduced specific patterns of SL and CL.