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Sunday, May 15, 2011

Citroen Traction Avant (1934-1957)

Excellent road holding and cornering overcoming masterfully made the Citroën Traction Avant was often used by gangsters. These same characteristics also appreciated the police.

At a time when the Eiffel Tower 280 thousand. lamps illuminated the word "Citroen", the French company introduced a car that quickly became one of the legends of the automotive industry. In 1934, the Quai de Javel in Paris, started production of the Traction Avant. As the name suggests, this was a vehicle with front-wheel drive. This is the first such car produced on a mass scale. New Citroën had a number of other innovative design solutions, such as self-supporting body, independent suspension and hydraulic brakes.

The creator of this work was a young engineer André Lefebvre, who moved from another Citroën car manufacturer Gabriel Voisin. Responsible for motor Sainturat Maurice, a former employee of companies Delage and Hotchkiss. The body of the new car has not been drawn, but molded from clay by the sculptor Flaminio Bertoniego. The first vehicle of the series was a model of the Traction Avant 7A. It's auto show in March 1934 was fitted with an engine capacity of 1303 cc and a maximum capacity of 32 hp. Seven in a number of so-called implied. fiscal horses, on which depended the tax. Other models also determined in a similar manner.

Citroën 7 later received 1529 cc engine (35 hp), 1,911 cc (46 hp) and 1,628 cc (36 hp). The value of the tax, however, remained at the primary level. It has changed the types of 11 (1934-1957, vol. 1.9 l, 56 to 60 hp) and 15 (1938-1955, 6-cylinder engine with a capacity of 2867 cc and 77 bhp).

Traction Avant amazed comfortable suspension. Could very well feel it all the while overcoming inequality. What's more, it offered travelers a lot of space, especially on a comfortable back seat. 3-speed gearbox control by the long chrome lever protruding from the dashboard. Because of its appearance it was called "spoon mustard." Also quite liked the avant-garde design of the car.

New model of development costs were so high, that already in 1934, Citroën declared bankruptcy. Michelin took over the company, which operated it until 1976. The new owner has contributed to the improvement and good handling characteristics as the Traction Avant. In 1949 he presented a tire type X, which is the first radial tires, then still called "opasanym. They clearly improved grip in corners, and besides, characterized by three times longer lifetime. In 1954, a novelty in the 15 was the use of hydropneumatic rear suspension, so. Oléopneumatique who later received a modernized version of the Citroën DS. This model of the Traction Avant in the model received a letter H.

Citroën 15 Six in 1946-1955 was the car oficjanym president of the French Republic. Traction Avant frequently appeared on the silver screen. Most were placed in his roles of villains, that is, vehicles gangster, and this is probably due to the fact that a rule has been painted dark colors. In gangster films, he played with Jean Gabin. In the "Flic Story" was accompanied by Alain Delonowi. There could also miss him in the James Bond series. In the "greetings from Russia" ("From Russia with Love") on the streets of Istanbul, "007" followed an employee of the Bulgarian intelligence people just such a car.
Production 'Citroën Traction Avant was completed July 25, 1957 year.

During his 23 years produced 759 111 of all types of car. Most originated in France, but the total number of vehicles produced 26 400 cars were built in Slough UK, 31 750 in the Forest (Belgium), 1823 in Cologne (Germany). Of course, if not the Second World War Citroën Traction Avant road be willing to do much more.