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Sunday, March 6, 2011

Porsche 914 (1969-1976)

When in 2002 presented the Cayenne uproar among fans of the Porsche brand. A new car developed in collaboration with Volkswagen was the SUV. A similar fracas took place in 1969 when it also in cooperation with the manufacturer designed the Beetle model 914 - relatively cheap, two-door sports car, which in its basic version was equipped with a propulsion unit straight from VW. There have been allegations that the exclusive German brand wants to make another manufacturer producing cars for everyone. Some still argue that the 914-particle is not a Porsche. But Volkswagen is actually in disguise?
Let's start with the basic information: Anywhere outside the U.S. the car was sold as a VW-Porsche 914, so no one is hiding the links of both manufacturers. By the way - today, the Cayenne can not see the VW badge, and yet the Touareg.

The basic version of the Porsche 914 (914-4) had a four-cylinder, 1679 cm3 80 hp and torque of 131 Nm. Maximum capacity of the drive unit are achieved at 4900 rpm. This allowed the dispersal weighing less than 900 kg 914-particles to 177 km / h. Acceleration to 80 km / h took around 9 s. The engine came from the stables of Wolfsburg. But that was not the only unit in the Porsche 914!

Much more interesting version, but much more expensive edition was 914-6. This model was equipped with a six-cylinder engine with a capacity of 1991 cm3 and a power of 111 hp. Maximum power is reached at 5,800 rpm. With this unit tended Porsche 914 201 km / h and acceleration to 80 km / h took 7 s. The engine (both in the variant four-and six-cylinder) was placed centrally, and access to it was difficult.

The interior has been prepared in accordance with the style of Porsche. Tachometer was placed in the middle fuel level indicator and a tachometer. Steering is reminiscent of the Porsche 911, like the rest of the dashboard. Buyers can choose the interior colors of the 11 options at the start of production to 15 in the final stage. Accessory pack was quite big - you could buy such fog lights, leather steering wheel and horn dwudźwiękowy. Each piece 914 has a targa-type body without longitudinal bracket. A characteristic feature is the fact that regardless of engine options for the Porsche had a great weight distribution and excellent suspension, so that led to and provoked great driving dynamics.

Sales of 914 increased from year to year. In 1971 alone produced 16 thousand. units. A year later, more than 21,000. The car gained particular popularity in the U.S., where he prepared for stringent safety standards (which was associated with a decrease in power drive units), was sold with great success. In the U.S. demand for such cars was high, because there also successfully sold the Fiat X1 / 9 - a competitor in a straight line 914-particles.

The vast majority of buyers opt for a weaker power unit, so six Porsche 914 is no longer produced as early as 1972 in his place was introduced four-liter engine that generates 101 hp and to achieve a 192 km / h. Acceleration to 80 km / h took 6.6 seconds to this model, while up to 100 km / h in less than 10 s. Since 1974, Porsche sold 914 of 1.8 liter engine, which replaced the previously weakest unit. Power in relation to version 1.7 increased to 86 hp and a top speed of 180 km / h.

In 1974 he released a series of Limited Edition, available in black and white. Bumpers, wheels and other exterior trim can be yellow in the case of LE as Black or green or orange as White LE. In front of the vehicle and mounted spoiler. Throughout the production period, ie from 1969 to 1976 Porsche 914 has not undergone any more modifications. Edited trifles, increased package of additional equipment and essentially so. Facelift was not needed because the car sold very well. During the whole period of production of their owners were more than 118 thousand. copies. Unfortunately, only slightly more than 3300 vehicles were fitted with a straight six-cylinder engine from the Porsche 911 Today, it is these copies are highly sought after among collectors. However, it is rarer model 914-particle - the Porsche 914 / 8 with eight-cylinder engine with 260 hp. But this was only a prototype, which was aimed at checking the strength of the car in the future to be able to use more powerful engines in the serial model. For this did not happen - the end of its 914 production was sold to well-known four-cylinder units.

Why Porsche 914 was a great success? The basic version, costing relatively few allowed to enter the elite group of Porsche owners. What is more, the car is not only called Porsche, but also had a jam sport. Attractive two-door targa ideally suited to the American boulevards and sunny Mediterranean city. Technologically well as many 914-stce could not be accused of - good suspension, good gearbox with short gear ratios. The only drawback was the base engine, which does not generate enough power for a very dynamic driving. But despite all the Porsche 914 in each version gave a lot of fun.

Used models hold quite a high price and a copy of the medium can pay more than the Porsche 924 and 944th Holders of this model are divided into collectors trying to keep the vehicle in accordance with the state primary and tuning enthusiasts. Many more powerful engines fitted with both the other Porsche model and units of other brands. There is a copy of the V8-powered Chevrolet, Subaru body, and even electric. Engineers have created a really strong and a decent chassis, chassis and powertrain, so the installation of efficient engines possible. And then the light Porsche 914 turns out to be faster than any 911-particle.