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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

AC Cobra (1961-1967)

Cobra history is inextricably linked with the English company, an American AC, and Carroll Shelby.

It was in this small British company in 1953 created a sleek roadster, called Ace. From the outset, its main purpose was the racetrack. The car was valued from the very beginning of the race drivers for their good performance, but did not refer to major successes.

During this time, on the other side of the ocean was a racing driver - Carroll Shelby had the idea to collaborate with AC. Knowing about problems with the AC power unit to your vehicle (Bristol stops producing the engine used in the model, Ace), Carroll Shelby's AC suggested owners use their cars in one of American V8 engines.

The idea for Ford Shelby agreed, ensuring the supply of their engines for this project.
First Cobra - 260-inch engine was built in 1962. Although the dynamics have shocked many shortcomings. Sprawiały difficulty in carrying out less skilled driver. Despite this, 75 units were built first Mk

Because of the criticism of the first models in 1963 Cobra Shelby's workshop in Venice, California, has introduced an improved version of this car with the modified 289-inch engine (4.7 l) - known as the Mk second It was built about 500 units of this model.

It was only a matter of time before the body will visit the Cobra Big Block Ford with a capacity of 427 inches. To enable the Cobra received a strengthened and expanded body. By the way changed the suspension by installing a coil spring .. That was the Cobra Mk III.

It was originally planned to build a version of the Mk III for use only on the racetrack, but the issue of approval has contributed to the fact that they had to release the version półwyczynową, allowed on the road.
No wonder that the Cobra engine 427 and the power of 540 hp at that time was the fastest production car in the world. For the 1967 model, made 348 copies of the 427th

The main element of this car was obviously a racetrack. That's where Cobra was able to show their true colors and reveal its full potential. Racing Le Mans, Daytona, Sebring, are inseparably connected with this car. With the Cobra will always be associated with the sport.

Cobra story ends with 1967, when it was produced on March 19 last copy. Contributed to this mainly changes in standards and regulations for safety and ecology.

Today the price of the original Cobra reach hundreds of thousands of dollars.