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Friday, November 12, 2010

Saab 99 (1968-1984)

April 2, 1965 it was decided to start work on a new car, the middle class, which eventually would replace the 96th model The project is called "Gudmund", since that day in Sweden's birthday Gudmund. In 1966, he created prototypes called Paddan (szw.), or "toad." It was a chassis with the mechanisms of the future model 99, but with a body resembling a Saab 96th In fact, it was longer and wider, and "toad" was tested only at night, so that the changes were not visible.

November 22, 1967 was presented in Stockholm on the all-new 99th Vehicle styling designer Sixten Sason developed (born Sixten Andersson). Construction of the car was very original. Self-supporting body was devoid of floor plate and the different elements were combined with each other. Body was so stiff that ensured the sufficient level of security. Used to drive motors with capacities Triumph's 1.5 dm ³, 1.7 dm ³, and 1.85 dm ³ (since 1971). In 1972, based on a 1.85 dm ³ engine Saab has created its own design with a capacity of 1985 cc and 110 hp. The engine is mounted to the new version of EMS (Electronic-Manual-Special) with electronically controlled clutch. In 1974, for the past two and czterodrzwiowych sedans joined the 3-door hatchback version.

In 1973 he appeared in different versions of a system of signs.

They look like this:
X7 - impoverished version for the Swedish market
L - basic version
GL - richer version of the L
GLS - GL versions dwugaźnikowe
GLE - the richest different spec
EMS - sporty version of the electronically controlled clutch
Turbo - turbo-engine version

In 1977, Saab released a limited edition of 100 pieces of the Saab 99 Turbo. The following year he began his series production.
A year later, Saab introduced the model 900, based on components 99-ki, but a bit bigger than him. It can be assumed that the 900-ka is the successor to 99-ki, but Saab has decided to continue its production for 1984. After the modifications produced in the years 1984 - 1987 as Saab's 90th

At Valmet Automotive was founded in the years 1969-1984 was 191 049 units Saab 99th Add to that the models manufactured in Trollhättan, Sweden. A total of 643 units was 588.