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Friday, November 12, 2010

Fiat Ritmo (1978-1988)

Once that was first shown at the Turin Motor Show in 1978. Ritmo name was to symbolize the dynamics of the contemporary era, and was chosen from over 400 different proposals, a digital indication of the car at the end of the names associated with the power of the engine used.

The characteristics of the body is a sharp, wedge-sloping front and made of plastic front and rear bumpers. Drag coefficient is Cd = 0.44. The car was built in 3 - and 5-door model with rear doors that open up and maintained using telescopic outriggers and the rear seat is folded to increase luggage space. Fuel filler is located behind the rear axle on the left side of the vehicle, a tank under the floor of the trunk and lifted in 1982, went under the rear seats, located in 51 liters of fuel, allowing the distance of about 600 km. Rear suspension and chassis were all taken from Fiat 128th

Fiat Ritmo was built up in the 7 versions of gasoline-powered motor:
- 1049 cc 40 kW (55 hp) - the engine borrowed from the Fiat 127
- 1116 cc 40 kW (55 hp) - the engine of the Fiat 128
- 1302 cc 48 kW (65 hp)
- 1498 cc 55 kW (75 hp)
- 1585 cc 77 kW (105 hp) - the engine of the Fiat 131
- 1995 cc 92 kW (125 hp) - construction company Abarth
- 1995 cc 95 kW (130 hp) - construction company Abarth

and two diesel engines:
- 1697 cc 43 kW (58 hp)
- 1929 cc 59 kW (80 hp) - turbo

All versions of the engines are installed transversely on the right side of the vehicle. Clutch, gearbox and final drive are located on the left. The engine is a cast iron cylinder block, alloy head, overhead camshaft, driven by toothed belt from the crankshaft, bearings embedded in five of the block.

Ritmo was produced with the three versions of the gearbox: with four and five ratios for forward and automatic transmission, bought from Volkswagen and mounted in cars Golf, Passat and Scirocco.

In 1982, the car body modification performed Ritmo, especially in its front part. Changed the shape of air intake openings to the engine room ventilation and clearance. The front car was four headlamps and grille with five slanted stripes, symbolizing the brand.

In 2007, Fiat has decided that the new Bravo will bore the name of the Ritmo in Australia.