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Friday, November 12, 2010

Citroen SM (1970-1975)

Auto was first presented at the Paris Salon in 1970, while the official premiere took place at the Geneva Motor Show in 1971. In the same year the first copies hit the U.S. market. For the U.S. version was equipped with an automatic gearbox Borg Warner 35th The first versions were equipped with three carburetors coupled to Weber, they were replaced in the next year by an electronic injection, Bosch D-JETRONIC.

Citroën SM predecessor had not lived to see the ever successor. With his production dropped in 1975 due to energy crisis (a sharp drop in car sales with large volumes).

Body of difficult to determine the type - is between three-door liftbackiem, a coupe, with a very characteristic lines. At that time managed to get a perfect aerodynamic drag coefficient Cx = 0.339.

Of note are the headlights and license plate hidden behind the shield of Plexiglas. For other U.S. market mounted headlights and dropped from the enclosure. Traditionally, the car Citroën SM was used in the model enclosed rear wheel. Combine the best features race car sports car - a Maserati engine, hydropneumatic suspension with the comfort of the first generation.

Range of engines rather poor - only the Maserati unit with a capacity of 2966 cc and 180 hp at 5,750 rpm. To stop the car - uses disc brakes on all wheels. Car was available with leather upholstery, automatic transmission (standard in USA, optional in Europe).

Produced eight pieces of convertibles and elongated Mylord Chapron Chapron Limousine Opera. To this day, the French government is using these vehicles for special occasions.