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Friday, November 12, 2010

BMW Z1 (1989-1991)

BMW Z1 - two-seat roadster developed by BMW Forschung und Technik GmbH.

Production of the car was to begin in June 1988 but was delayed until March next year and lasted until June 1991, Z1 particular stood out the door. They were not open to the outside as in traditional cars or up, just kept at lower thresholds. Roadster was manufactured in quantities of 8 000 units.

Z1 model was presented to the press in 1986, a year later to be officially unveiled at the Frankfurt Motor Show. Interest in the car was so big that BMW even before production has received orders for five 000 units, but in 1988, demand fell significantly, with the result that three years later the German manufacturer has ceased assembling roadster. It is believed that the decrease in demand was caused by the introduction of competition, Mercedes-Benz SL, and initially high interest in this model of speculative investors.

Harm Lagaay, designer Z1 stated that when working with BMW Z1 patented discharge lamp, the mechanism of the door, the chassis plate.

Skeleton of the car is made of sheet steel, galvanized steel, surrounds the floor is made of epoxy resin reinforced with glass fibers and poliwinylowymi. The exterior is covered with a layer Z1 is made of different combinations of thermoplastic materials. Some parts like the suspension, gearbox and front-mounted, or central engine are borrowed from the BMW 325i, but the car is largely built from scratch.

The new Z1 cost 83,000-89,000 DM. In 2001, used models were sold between 125 000 and 250 000 French francs including 19.6% VAT. One copy was sold for over £ 20 000 at Bonham's auction 2004 Olympia. In 2006, these cars could be bought in France. Prices ranged from € 25 000 to 30 000 €, while most had to pay for a model in mint condition with low mileage.