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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

BMW Serii 6 E24 (1976-1989)

Sporty and elegant at the same time. It is said of him: "a technological marvel of the late 70th and 80 ". The unusual silhouette and excellent performance made the presentation of the car seized the imagination of hundreds of thousands of men around the world.

Beautiful convertible BMW still enjoys great popularity. In the United States 'six' is still one of the most expensive car among the oldtimers. For the great lovers of this car at all times include: Mike Tyson, Madonna, Clint Eastwood and Morgan Freeman.

When in 1970 the Bavarian brand chief stylist was Frenchman Paul Bracq, creator of the legendary "shark" in the air you could feel the coming change.Bracq, who returned to Munich after the adventure with Mercedes was intended to counteract declining sales of BMW models. Series E9 slowly went away to rest, the heads of the group decided it was time to replace it with something completely new. The Frenchman has decided to completely withdraw from the market in line E9. In his head he had a vision of her successor.

The inspiration for Bracq'a became the Series 5 (E12), which it designed the person. At the official presentation, which took place in August 1976 in Geneva, eyes all over the world came out of the car predatory wedge-shaped silhouette, which emphasized the going down of the mask downward bulge aggressive, wide stance and pivot and gently sloping roofline to the rear of the relatively short . Auto attracted the admiration of the elements of this, such as massive, dual exhaust system located in the center of the chassis characteristic grill and large, round headlamps.

The first two models: 600 CS, and much stronger 633Csi cost respectively 40 and 43 000 marks. Much more popular was the second of these - with an engine capacity of 3.3 liters and 197 hp power. Auto without any problems rozpędzało to 215 km / h, while the "hundreds" accelerated in 7.9 seconds.For eight years, the production version was sold in a number close to 40,000 copies, of which more than one third went out on the American market.

Interestingly, the "only" 50,000 you could buy a brand model "ultraluksusowy" with leather seats, high-end stereo, automatic transmission and a sunroof.Although its price was staggering (to this day it is!) Pomyliłby the one who prophesied this disaster hit-market. On the contrary, in the Federal Republic of Germany to sell the car just fine. What's more, the model immediately conquered the United States, to which BMW did not follow dosyłać subsequent copies. Customers waiting for his "six" weeks.

There are over two years after the Geneva launch, when the salons came top of the line version of the legendary model. Auto named 635CSi possessed a powerful, 3.5-liter and 218-hp engine which gave the them to over 230 km / h. "Style is one thing, but for us as important, if not more important is technology. That is why during the construction of the car used the most advanced technologies, the latest. With pride we offer our hands in your work "- said during the presentation of the heads of BMW 635CSi.

Even though the car weighed over a half ton to 100 km / h accelerated in just over seven seconds. In the eleven years the model has found more than 60,000 buyers. "I feel like in this model, everything was perfect - wonderful shapes, tasteful interior with large windows to give the that inside the car is bright and spacious, as well as excellent damping, by which the engine runs almost noiselessly. For this you need to add a really great performance, driveability paramount, and lots of other details that gladden the heart of every driver in the world "- he wrote in one of the test magazine Motor Trend.

Interesting modifications "six" passed in the United States. Americans have always been fascinated by the monstrous engines, assembled them into masks BMW. For them the biggest asset of this car was its beautiful silhouette. Reduced body "Six" covered most fiery flames and other designs. These cars still run on American roads.

Beautiful page in the history of this car also noted the race drivers. Behind the wheel, "six", a monster with an engine capacity from 486 to 800 hp (!) Odnosili sporting successes include: Roberto Ravaglia, Dieter Quester, Gerard Berger, Hans-Joachim Stuck, Helmut Kelleners and Marc Surer. In 1981, two Swiss and Herbie Weginz Niger Harald won the prestigious race at Vallelunga in Rome, then a four-hour competition at Monza, and at the end of the season won the British Silverstone. In the same year he won the European Championship race Kelleners, and his achievement he repeated five years later, Ravaglia.

Another witness to the domination of the BMW race was 1983, in which the team is composed of: Thierry Tassin, Hans Heyer and Armin Hahne won the 24-hour race at Spa, Belgium. The competition over the years have become a specialty of the Bavarian brand new team - in the years from 1965 to 1998, winning the BMW car in Spa as much as 21 times! In 1983 the BMW driver took eight of the top ten classification race at Monza.

For nearly thirteen years with a factory in Dingolfing left nearly 120 thousand copies of this model. In 1989, shortly after withdrawing it from sale, for a short time to replace it with an impressive eighth series Two years ago, BMW has decided to return to the market for large luxury sedan and the revived cult "six." Like his legendary predecessor, the car was packed with modern technology. The right to complain do not have experience or amateur sports - 4.4-liter engine with 333 hp will meet all their whims.