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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Volkswagen Golf I (1974-1983)

Produced the first hit was a badge of Volkswagen Beetle. However, after several years of production, even the most successful vehicle is aging and no longer attractive to customers. For this reason, the manufacturer began to have even financial problems. But fortunately not left the Wolfsburg-based company.

Introducing the 1974 Golf I, a successor to the Beetle, has managed to create another global hit, and above all let us Golf significantly improved financial results. The car debuted as a 3 - and 5-door hatchback. Development of the body took up Italian stylist Giorgio Giugiaro. We managed to build a spacious car with a spacious trunk, to which access was possible through the large, hinged top flap. Volume of cargo in the normal position of seats was 320 l, and when the rear bench seat grew to 1,100 l. stylistically innovative solution was also applied short rear overhangs. The dashboard was not too good, but it was clearly laid out large switches.
All engines were installed in the Golf Front transverse to the direction and drove the front wheels. The range of engines began with the 50-horse unit with a capacity of 1.1 l. The 1.3-liter was 54 or 60 hp, and 1.5-liter was obtained in 1970 and since 1975, 75 hp. Another was in the range of 1600 ccm engine capacity and power of 86 hp. The strongest was a unit with a capacity of 1800 cc and 95 bhp.

A year after its debut at the Frankfurt Motor Show showing the sportiest version of the Golf GTI. The nature of the variety highlighted flared fenders, larger wheels and a sports steering wheel and seats with headrests Ensolv. Initially provided to the drive unit with fuel injection 1.6 liter 110 hp. Such power in a car weighing just 780 kg allowed to obtain good performance. And so it really was. The car reached 100 km / h in 9.8 seconds and top speed was 182 km / h.
Later, the GTI was powered by a 1.8-liter unit with a capacity of 112 hp. The car version of the GTI quickly became a hit, because in the first year of its production of more than 10 percent of sales of the Golf was just a variant of the GTI.

The manufacturer has not forgotten about the cost drivers. In 1976 appeared the first model of the Golf diesel. With a capacity of 1500 cc 50 hp obtain. Later it was replaced by 1.6 unit of local power 54 hp. This car was not indeed dynamic, but he could consume only 4.5 liters of diesel per 100 km. In 1982, the range of diesels was complemented by a variety of supercharged 1.6 70 bhp.

To the transmission used 4 - or 5-speed manual and "automatic" 3 ratios.
First-generation Golf has served as a base for the development of several varieties of derivatives. The first of these was the Scirocco sports coupe already presented in 1974. Weakest engine had a small power like a sports car, because only 50 hp. The year 1979 brought two novelties.

First, the customer hit the Jetta, which was 2 - or 4-door variant of trzybryłowym body. The main advantage of this version was a rack with a capacity of up to 530 l. The second version of this year was a cabriolet, whose body was produced by Karmann. For those who need more cargo area provides a double pick-up Caddy.

The first Golf was created not only in Germany. It is also produced in South Africa, Mexico and the United States at New Stanton (PA). Was created there version of Rabbit (bunny) design to sell in the U.S. market. Compared with the European version of the car is easier to be distinguished mainly by a double rectangular headlamps.

Volkswagen Golf I produced was for nine years until 1983 when it replaced the next generation of this model. A total of almost 7 million was the first generation of the Golf hatchback version.


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