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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Opel Ascona B (1975-1981)

In the mid-70s. Opel has launched the second generation Opel Ascona car the middle class. Although it was mainly intended for young families, worked perfectly well in the rallies.

In autumn 1970 years Opel introduced a new class of vehicle, as determined by the internal code symbol 1.450. The company, based in Rüsselsheim, September 9, presented Manta coupe. A little later, on October 28, Ascona saw the light of day. The name of this car comes from the Swiss town situated on Lake Maggiore.

This vehicle was built as a 2- and 4- door sedan and 3- door station wagon called the Caravan or Voyage. Positioned it between the Kadett models and Record.

Ascona main competitor was the Ford Taunus. New Opel effectively fight him on the market until 1975. At that time produced nearly 692,000 units of this car.

The second generation of Ascona was presented in 1975 at the Motor Show in Frankfurt. This time the car was only offered as a 2 - or 4 - door sedan. Compared to its predecessor clearly modernized the exterior. It became more modern. To drive the Opel Ascona B used the same engines as in its original version. Units of selection were 1.2 (60 hp), 1.6 (68 hp) and 1.9 (90 hp). This last engine in 1978 was enlarged to 2 liters.With a higher compression ratio and in the use of 98-octane gasoline as S reached power of 110 hp. Version 2.0 of its E was equipped with electronic fuel injection Bosch L-Jetronic. The offer also appeared on the manufacturer's two-liter diesel.

Great importance was attached also to security matters. Ascona B roof reinforced with three cross bars, which are placed at the front and the rear window and the center between the uprights. In the car mounted seat belts, and then the equipment was supplemented also glued the windshield.

In Britain, where he produced Ascona, acted as the Vauxhall Cavalier. In South Africa - with the front borrowed from Opel Manta - was sold as Chevrolet Cheyair. A total of 1981 produced more than 1.2 million copies of the second generation of Ascona.

Opel Ascona no sports figure, but the vehicle did a lot of success in rallying. October 1, 1979, she was approved Ascona 400 with 2.4-liter engine producing over 200 hp. Its designation is derived from the number of units produced cars that are needed for its approval in group 4 by the Federation International Automobile (FIA).

In 1974 he got behind the wheel of Ascona A Walter Röhrl won the championship of Europe. Five years later, that title after he reached his compatriot Jochi Kleint, which benefited from the model B. In 1982, at the wheel of Ascona 400 was the European champion Antonio Fassino, starting under the name Tony. In the same season after the top trophy - the title of World Rally Champion - Walter Röhrl reached. His Ascona 400 Rothmans livery company won the Monte Carlo Rally, and severe events in Africa - Ivory Coast Rally.

After B's turn Ascona C. A third version was presented in August 1981. It was the second car Opel front-wheel drive since the introduction of the Kadett D in season 1979. The range of vehicles increased by 5- door hatchback.

In August 1988 the production was completed Ascona C. On the way he left was the Opel Vectra.