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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Lancia Aurelia B20 GT (1950-1958)

Lancia Aurelia, designed by Vittorio Jano, by many is considered to be the first car Category Gran Turismo (GT)

In 1950 at the Turin Motor Show presents a new model of Lancia - Aurelia. Under the hood of the car hiding in a 6-cylinder engine in the system V the first time used in the production of this type of drive unit. Car was designed by famous Italian designer Vittorio Jano, who previously created an excellent range, sporting Alfa Romeo. Another new feature of providing not only comfort but also excellent road holding, it was the rear axle with lower wishbones diagonal.

Lancia Aurelia cars cost more than the competition, but his offer users more luxury.Steering has been adjusted to the height, you can also adjust the pedals to their growth. Interior rear revert to a single button, so drivers are not blinded vehicles driving on the back. Had placed the ashes of cigarettes in two put forward, self-emptying piping ashtrays. One of the three thermostats (dual-circuit system) control the shutter before the radiator, and windshield washer wash vacuum system. To ensure optimal weight distribution, transmission Aurelia mounted on the rear axle (transaxle). First gear was not synchronized.

The first was Aurelia B10 sedan equipped with a V6 engine with a capacity of 1754 cc and power close to 60 hp. This 4-door vehicle was slightly criticized for being too weak performance. Lancia's response was presented a year later with a larger model B21 (1991 cc) and a more powerful engine (70 hp). At the same time there is a beautiful, 2-door coupe GT marked B20. His body was designed from the known Boano Gianpaolo's stylistic Ghia. The production was commissioned Pininfarina coupe body.

The third series of Aurelia, in 1953, received a drive unit with a capacity of 2451 cc and power almost 120 hp. The car has lost the characteristic of the earlier versions of fins in the rear.

Another series launched as an open car - B24 Spider. For the first time showing it to the Brussels Motor Show in Belgium in 1955. This work was Pininfarina styling in terms of mechanics related to B20, was only about 20 cm shorter wheelbase. In this series also appeared with steering wheel-mounted Aurelie on the left side. Such a requirement was necessary to sell these cars in the U.S. market.

Used the last, lost the sixth series of the power that in 1957 when the engine fell 2.5 to 112 hp. Greater emphasis placed on these vehicles to luxurious finish and comfort.

Almost from its inception, the Lancia Aurelia participated in sports competitions. In 1951, the legendary road race, Italian Giovanni Bracco and Umberto Maglioli on a 2-liter coupe B20 lost only Gigim Villoresim on the Ferrari 340 America. In the same season, the same pair of drivers won their class in the 24 hours of Le Mans. Later, Aurelie dominated 6-h race in Pescara, which took six first places.

Sedan production ended in 1955. Three years later he rolled off the last coupe and cabriolets.