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Monday, October 25, 2010

Citoren DS (1955-1975)

At the Paris Motor Show, 6 October 1955 and premiered on Citroen DS. A new model for the French manufacturer was a real sensation. In 45 min after the presentation of this unique car company took 749 orders, and by the end of the quantity of orders amounted to 12 thousand. Given the rather high price for the Citroen DS, this result was impressive. At the time when the Citroen DS. was presented in Paris, all the other cars have become obsolete and the DS. was named car of the future.

Citroen DS. was the successor of the famous Traction Avant. Its name comes from the French "Déesse" or the Goddess. The car was notable for modern design and innovative technical solutions. The project is the Citroen DS. these same engineers were working at the construction of the Traction Avant model. Andre Lafebvr Engineer working on technical solutions, and Flaminio Bertoni has designed a unique line of body Citroen DS. The excellence of the project can provide an extremely low drag coefficient Cx of at 0.38.

Citroen DS. a car with a unique body style but a lot of innovative solutions can also be found in the interior. Unusual, futuristic dashboard is considered by many to be a veritable work of art. All indicators are centrally located in one display, and access to integrated switches was possible without taking hands off the steering wheel a single arm. Throughout the interior we find the effects of stylists work striving to make it more ergonomic.

Provide an extraordinary travel comfort range of hydraulic solutions. Soft, comfortable well-pneumatic suspension and defeat niwelowało inequality, and body roll. The suspension is allowed to set the driver's car ground clearance from 90 to 280 mm. Linkage has also been included in the steering system. Was used to semi-automatic transmission gearbox, which totally Festival lasted without the clutch.

The front wheels have a greater distance than the rear. But novelty was the use of disc brakes on them. Previously, this solution was used only in high-performance vehicles. Unique was the parking brake. Run it the leg and closed with a key - against thieves. He worked on the front wheel discs. Citroën DS was also the first car in the world with the braking system with two independent circuits. Such a large number of previously unused solutions favored failures. Driving a car with automatic clutch and brake system required an unconventional habit.

DS used a number of other innovative solutions. Its rear window was made of Plexiglas. Engine cover were made from aluminum. Vehicle roof was made of plastics. Radiator fan and the first signs of indicators (to September 1961) were made of nylon, in 1955 an exceptionally modern material.

In 1957 he went into the production model ID (Idée, or idea). He was deprived of all hydraulic systems in addition to hydropneumatic suspension. He was just a cheaper version of the DS. A year later, presented a model station wagon.

Too big, too heavy, but perfect rajdowiec

Initially driven by DS adopted from the Traction Avant engine with a capacity of 1911 cc and 75 hp. Later supplemented with market offer units with a capacity of 1,985 cc (99 hp) 2175 ccm (106 and 125 hp) and 2,347 cc (115 and 130 hp). In 1968 he was the only major change in the history of the body of this model. Changed the shape of the headlights. Twin headlights hidden behind the shade of an aerodynamic shape.

Internal light twist with wheels, which allowed for bend lighting. The original model was the convertible produced since 1960 by Chapron. Citroën DS appreciate not only ordinary users. We have successfully served many governments. Outstanding performance driving nieopancerzonego DS and reflexes of the driver owed his life, President Charles de Gaulle. August 22, 1962, the president of France came out unscathed from the bombing, organized by the OAS militants. Bullets pierced the only two tires.

Citroën DS does not look like a rally car - too big, too heavy, too complicated and not sufficiently fast. In spite of this logic, both the DS and ID have achieved remarkable results in sports. Citroën proved to be dangerous opponents, especially in difficult terrain. For the first time the DS launched in the Monte Carlo Rally in 1956. Three years later, ID 1919, led by Paul Coltelloniego, was the best in this event, and his driver won the rally championship in Europe. Then came success in competitions such as the Acropolis Rally, the marathon Liege-Sofia-Liege Rally, or Morocco.
April 24, 1975 year, rolled off production lines last Citroën DS. During nearly 20 years produced 1 456 115 of these vehicles.