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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Audi 80 B1 (1972-1978)

In the summer of 1972, Olympic Technical Director Audi Ludwig Kraus presented the new model numbers marked the 80th. This car, though was characterized by innovative design solutions, quickly won the recognition of users. It was reliable and durable. This does not mean that, without the drawbacks. Older models were prone to rust, but to a much lesser extent than the then other vehicles.

A breakthrough in the production of the year 1980, when the tape began to go down vehicles with bodywork made of galvanized steel. During the Munich Olympics Audi has introduced new vehicles with engines of 55 hp (80/80 L), 75 hp (80 S/80 LS) and 85 hp (80 GL). A year later, the market showed a 80 GT model with 100-horse power unit. Audi 80, which the U.S. called the Audi Fox, had his twin brother with the sign of VW - Passat.

Body Audi 80 was characterized by a calm line. His appearance resembled a model of the 100th Vehicle equipment was rather modest and limited to the most needed items. But the trunk with a capacity of 450 liters was enough to take a sizeable load. This allowed the attachment of flat on the floor of the 46-liter fuel tank. The only problem sprawiało spare wheel that is mounted in a very awkward way to remove the wall of the trunk.

Audi 80 engine was a more modern design than its predecessor - a model of the 100th They put him on the front along the body and slightly inclined to the right. This allowed better access and easier to use.
The low price and reliability, "80" meant that it became a market hit. Within 6 years of production sold over a million of these cars.

In 1978, there is a new Audi 80 Series B2. Still on the badge on the back of cars destined for the European market was a number of 80th In the U.S., this model was designated the 4000th Work on the B2 Series bodywork led Italian stylist Giorgetto Giugiaro. Major changes have affected the anterior and posterior portions of the body, used instead of the round rectangular headlights. In the 1982 season in a palette of vehicles appeared Audi 80 Quattro with 136-horsepower engine.

B3 series appeared on the market in September 1986. This time the vehicle is brand new, aerodynamic appearance. His body was protected against galvanic corrosion. Extended wheelbase, and front and rear wheels. Thus improved and so have a good standing of a vehicle in motion. The range of engines grew by a diesel engine and five-cylinder unit from the 90th Audi

In 1991, "80" new B4 series underwent a major facelift. Clearly changed the look of the front of the vehicle. Four years later, the Audi 80 was replaced by the new model A4.